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Selling with Farm to Farm is designed to be simple, safe and secure. See below for a handy step-by-step guide to the ins and outs of selling with Farm to Farm. Click here, for an information video to help you sell with Farm to Farm.

Step-by-step Guide to Selling with Farm to Farm

Register for FREE on Farm to Farm by clicking on 'Register' in the top menu bar.
Once you're successfully registered, click 'My Account' in the top menu. This is your main account page and here you will find everything you need to buy and sell through Farm to Farm. Click on 'Sell' and enter your items information into the form and upload some photos (max 5), once your item is verified by our team, you're good to go!
When someone shows an interest in your item, they may ask you for more information about it, or even to arrange a viewing with you. When a potential buyer sends you a message it will be displayed in the 'Messages' section.
Let Farm to Farm know by clicking on the 'My Products' section in the 'My Account' page. Simply find the item in question, and click 'Mark as sold'. You will then be prompted to select the buyer and confirm the agreed price. The buyer will then be invoiced by Farm to Farm, payment securely taken. Once the buyer has confirmed the collection of the item, the money is transferred to you securely.
If you do, you void any assurance and protection you get from Farm to Farm. Farm to Farm will not accept any responsibility for brokering the sale. You assume full responsibility for the transaction. You will be charged the final value fee on the full ticket price of your item. If unpaid, Farm to Farm reserves the right to pursue legal action to recover the cost. Your messages sent through Farm to Farm are monitored, any violation of our terms and conditions will result in immediate suspension from the site.
Our fee is simple. Commission is 8% from the sale price, capped at £500. Our fee is +VAT.

How it works

Farm to Farm aims to make the buying and selling of farm goods and equipment, simple and safe. We connect potential buyers from all across the UK with real farmers aiming to sell their items safely online. It costs NOTHING to list items with Farm to Farm, likewise for buyers, there are NO HIDDEN COSTS, the price you agree is the price you pay.

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