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Farm to Farm aims to make buying used farm goods and machinery, easy, simple and safe. See below for some FAQs.

Step-by-step Guide to Buying with Farm to Farm

I've seen an item I like, how do I proceed?

When you find an item you like the look of, you have three options. Either contact the seller directly, buy now - in which case you will be sent an invoice from Farm to Farm, or lastly, depending on the value of the item you will have an option to enquire about finance.

What happens when I click 'Buy Now'?

This notifies Farm to Farm that you wish to purchase the item, we will then invoice you accordingly.

How do I contact the seller?

Click on the item you are interested in, then click 'Contact the Seller'. This opens up a chat window allowing you to message the seller directly. When they reply you will receive an email and text letting you know. You can view the reply by opening the chat window again by going to 'My Account' and then 'Messages'. During a chat with a seller, you may arrange a viewing, but you must NOT exchange financial details. Doing so will void any responsibility Farm to Farm has for the transaction and you lose the security that using our service brings.

Can I negotiate a deal with the seller in person?

If you arrange a deal with the seller either during a viewing or via the chat session, it is the responsibility of the seller to notify Farm to Farm. When they do, you will be contacted so that Farm to Farm can send you an invoice and take payment. We STRONGLY advise you do not enter into an arrangement to pay the seller directly, this is contrary to the usage agreement with Farm to Farm and you do so at your own risk.

How do I pay?

When the seller notifies us that you have agreed on a price, you will be contacted to confirm and so that Farm to Farm can send you an invoice and take payment. Payment can be made either over the phone using a debit card or via bank transfer to the details on the bottom of your invoice. There are NO hidden costs, the price you agree is the price you pay. It is assumed VAT is added to the sale price unless otherwise stated by the seller.

When can I collect my item?

Once you have paid Farm to Farm we will notify the seller and you may collect your item. When you collect the item let us know by clicking on 'My Account' and then 'My Products', find the product in question and confirm collection. At this point we will transfer your money to the seller.

How it works

Farm to Farm aims to make the buying and selling of farm goods and equipment, simple and safe. We connect potential buyers from all across the UK with real farmers aiming to sell their items safely online. It costs NOTHING to list items with Farm to Farm, likewise for buyers, there are NO HIDDEN COSTS, the price you agree is the price you pay.

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